Project Year
Project Name
Surf Hotel Sylt
Designed Space
750 m2
Sylt, Germany

Surf Hotel Sylt

As the world becomes increasingly digital, more and more people are opting to work remotely and live a nomadic lifestyle. While this offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, it can also be isolating and challenging to find a sense of community and connection. That's where our idea comes in.

Our goal was to create a friendly and welcoming space for modern digital nomads who are interested in being by the sea, particularly those who enjoy water sports. We believe that there is a significant portion of these nomads who are seeking a place where they can find a comfortable and supportive environment to work, as well as opportunities to connect with nature and pursue their leisure activities by the sea.

To that end, we have chosen the beautiful island of Sylt as the location for our project. Sylt is a popular destination among German residents and visitors alike, known for its stunning beaches and wide range of water sports activities such as wakeboarding, surfing and sailing. It's the perfect place for digital nomads to get away from the hustle of city life and find some peace and tranquility by the sea.

Our vision was to create a community-oriented space where digital nomads can come together to work, connect with others, and enjoy all that the island has to offer. We believe that by bringing together like-minded individuals and providing a supportive environment, we can help these nomads thrive and make the most of their unique lifestyle.


At the heart of our design philosophy is a focus on people. We believe that great Architecture is the one that responds to the needs and desires of the people who will use it, and that means creating a space that is both welcoming and functional.

With this in mind, we want to design a Hotel that provides a good space for social interaction with other guests, while also offering privacy and quietness for those who need to work.

In addition to considering the needs of the people who will use our facility, we also want to develop our project in a way that respects the local style and seamlessly integrates it into the unique ecosystem of Sylt. We believe that by designing in harmony with the surrounding environment, we can create a space that feels at home on the island and adds to the overall sense of community.

  • Number of levels: 4

  • Number of rooms: 8

  • Number of apartments: 2

  • Built area: 600 m2

  • Coworking area: 50 m2

  • Dinning area: 35 m2

  • Kitchen area: 30 m2

  • Gym area: 30m2

  • Chill and leisure area: 60 m2

  • Nautic storage area: 40 m2

  • Garden area: 1200 m2

  • Plot is 2000 m2 with South-East orientation

  • Roof type: multi-pitched thatched


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