Project Year
Project Name
Japanese Bedroom
Designed Space
20 m2
Poznan, Poland

Japanese Inspired Bedroom

To begin this project, we held a meeting with our customer and our team of interior designers. During the discovery phase the customer had the opportunity to share their vision for a Japanese-inspired bedroom that incorporated natural materials, neutral colors and sliding doors. They also stressed the importance of having a large area for makeup, with ample storage and counter space to keep all of their cosmetics organized.
Our team was more than happy to oblige, and we set to work creating a beautiful, functional bedroom that was inspired by traditional Japanese design. We used natural materials such as wood, stone, and bamboo, and decorated with a neutral color scheme to create a calming, serene atmosphere.

The Japanese style of bedroom design is characterized by a minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic and a focus on natural materials and natural light.

It is inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and interior design, and it often incorporates elements such as tatami mats, shoji screens, and sliding doors. The color scheme is often neutral, with white, beige, and earth tones predominating, and the furniture is simple, functional, and low to the ground.

Japanese design is based on creating a sense of calm and relaxation, and they often feature natural elements such as plants and bamboo to enhance this feeling.

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  • Area: 20 m2

  • Building type: attic in tenement home

  • Wardrobe area: 8 m2

  • Desk area: 0.5 m2

  • Bed size: 180 cm x 200 cm


Our customer had a very specific requirement for their bedroom design: they needed a large area for their makeup routine.

We understood the importance of this request and wanted to create a solution that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also being aligned with Japanese-inspired style. This required us to think creatively and come up with a unique solution.

In the end, we were able to design a makeup area with secret compartments and drawers hidden underneath the counter, which met all of our customer's needs and added a touch of secretness to the space.


Our customer was thrilled with the result - their new bedroom was everything they had hoped for and more. They were able to relax in comfort and style, and had all the space they needed for their makeup routine.

As you can see by adding a few simple and budget-friendly elements to your bedroom design, you can create a peaceful, calming space that is inspired by the traditional Japanese aesthetic.

Whether you have a clear vision in mind or are still exploring different options, we're here to offer guidance and support every step of the way. So don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can assist you in designing the interior home or office of your dreams.