Project Year
Project Name
Hippotherapy & Equestrian
Designed Space
5000 m2
Hannover, Germany

Hippotherapy & Equestrian Facility in Hannover

At Dominowa, our passion for horses and their well-being drives us to collaborate on this impactful project.

Nowadays, equestrianism is becoming more and more popular. This discipline combines both physical skills and sensitivity towards the animal. It also has a proven, significant therapeutic effect on people. Hippotherapy, because that's what we are talking about, can contribute to improving the development of patients with physical and mental disorders through the use of natural gait and movement of a horse to provide motor, and sensory input.

All this inspired us to create an equestrian center that would combine a place for improving equestrian skills with a therapeutic space for people with indications for hippotherapy. 

Geographical Location

The location of this place is not accidental. We decided to choose a plot of land near the horse clinic in Hanover, under the University of Veterinary Medicine. The Hippotherapy & Equestrian Facility in its vicinity will attract the attention of people related to horses.

What's more, a symbiosis will be created in which horses receive help from people in the clinic, and people who need physical rehabilitation will be able to achieve it thanks to hippotherapy.


Our primary goal in designing this facility was to prioritize the needs of both horses and humans, ensuring that the architecture fosters proper development and facilitates everyday functioning.

Understanding that horses are sensitive animals, both mentally and physically, we took their unique characteristics into account. For example, a horse's eyes can take up to 40 minutes to adjust when transitioning from a dark stall to the outdoors. With this in mind, we created buildings that provide ample daylight, promoting their health through natural vitamin D exposure from the sun.

In addition to standard stables, riding halls, and lunging rooms, we felt it was essential to include a swimming pool for horses, offering muscle regeneration opportunities. This facility is designed not only for professionals but also for individuals participating in hippotherapy camps. To accommodate their needs, we included a hotel with a gastronomic offering.

While prioritizing the needs of horses and humans, we remained mindful of the environment and the history of the site. By using natural materials and drawing inspiration from traditional construction methods, we aimed to meet the criteria for sustainable design.

Equestrian Facility - Master Plan

Summary of all premises and their function

  1. Dressage hall (20 x 60m)
  2. Stable for 32 horses
  3. Horse service stations
  4. Warehouses, feeding rooms, harness shops
  5. Players' locker room
  6. Paddocks
  7. Mini paddocks
  8. Barn, tractor shed
  9. “Round pen”
  10. Carousel
  11. Dressage yard (70 x 30m)
  12. Fertilizer plate (197 m2)
  13. Car parks for horse trailers
  14. Car parks for passenger cars
  15. Warm-up area (40 x 30m)
  16. Horse pool
  17. Hotel building
  18. Restaurant/café
  19. Caretaker’s lodge
  20. Training ground:
    1. Caprilli's test (70 x 30m)
    2. Jumping test (50 x 30m)
    3. Gymkhana, Dressage, Western and Quadrille events (40 x 20m)
    4. Obstacle course, presentations, style ride (30 x 25m)
  21. Place for observers
  22. Room for staff

We take pride in successfully designing an equestrian center near the University of Hannover that integrates traditional architecture with modern innovation.

Drawing inspiration from Hannover's classic half-timbered walls, we developed a contemporary interpretation by combining wooden beams with rammed earth. This approach gives the buildings a natural character that harmonizes with the surroundings while adhering to sustainable design principles. Moreover, we installed photovoltaic cells in south-facing window panels to meet the facility's energy needs.

This project not only fosters the advancement of equestrian skills but also highlights the therapeutic benefits horses can provide through hippotherapy.


At our studio, we recognize the significant role sports play in human life, with horse riding being particularly beneficial. It promotes holistic body development, enhances motor coordination, reduces excess weight, and encourages outdoor activity. Furthermore, this sport instills responsibility, respect for animals, and fosters a healthy competitive spirit.

Building a bond with a horse can also positively impact emotional balance and greatly improve the lives of individuals with social and mental disorders. We are confident that a facility designed with deep respect for both horses and humans can inspire countless positive stories and even transform lives.

By focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable design, we take pride in fulfilling our mission of environmentally conscious architecture.