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Surf Hotel in Sylt - Enhanced with AI
Commercial, Residential | 21/02/2023
Surf Hotel in Sylt – Enhanced with AI

Surf Hotel in Sylt – Enhanced with AI Since the publicity of ChatGPT in December 2022, AI technologies have been positioned on a big spotlight around the globe. This has not only brought more attention to language models, but has also shed light on other less-known platforms such as MidJourney and Dall-e. These platforms generate unique images based on a…

Japanese Interior Design
Interior Design, Residential | 23/12/2022
Japanese Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design A few weeks ago, we received a new and rather special assignment from one of our customers. They were seeking¬† an interior design for their bedroom that was both comfortable and spacious, with a wide area for makeup. These customers had always been drawn to the minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic of traditional Japanese design and felt that it…