Do Horses go to the pool?
Commercial, Equestrian, Sports Facility | 12/05/2023
Do Horses go to the pool?

DO HORSES GO TO THE POOL? When we started designing the Hippotherapy and Equestrian Facility in Hannover, we knew that the success of this project depends mainly on understanding the specifics of how horses function and knowing their needs. Having horse riding enthusiasts in the team, it was a very pleasant, developing and interesting task for us. We had many…

Surf Hotel in Sylt - Interior
Commercial, Interior Design | 08/04/2023
Surf Hotel in Sylt – Interior

Surf Hotel in Sylt – Exterior Our commitment to make a great project extended beyond the exterior design, as we also poured our passion and attention to detail into crafting the interiors of our projects. In the Sylt project, we aspired to create an interior atmosphere that reflected a refreshing, surf-inspired style while maintaining the essence of sustainability and affordability….

Surf Hotel in Sylt - Enhanced with AI
Commercial, Residential | 21/02/2023
Surf Hotel in Sylt – Enhanced with AI

Surf Hotel in Sylt – Enhanced with AI Since the publicity of ChatGPT in December 2022, AI technologies have been positioned on a big spotlight around the globe. This has not only brought more attention to language models, but has also shed light on other less-known platforms such as MidJourney and Dall-e. These platforms generate unique images based on a…

Parcel Locker Poznan
Commercial | 14/02/2023
Parcel Locker Poznan

Parcel Locker Poznan At Dominowa studio, we firmly believe that design can be a powerful tool for positive change and we believe that every space, whether public or private, can be transformed into something beautiful, functional, and sustainable. That’s why when we learned about the new Guidelines for Vending Machines Storing Shipments on Urban Grounds [read more] that were implemented…

Japanese Interior Design
Interior Design, Residential | 23/12/2022
Japanese Interior Design

Japanese Interior Design A few weeks ago, we received a new and rather special assignment from one of our customers. They were seeking¬† an interior design for their bedroom that was both comfortable and spacious, with a wide area for makeup. These customers had always been drawn to the minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic of traditional Japanese design and felt that it…

Modern Surf Hotel in Sylt - Exterior
Commercial | 19/12/2022
Modern Surf Hotel in Sylt – Exterior

Modern Surf Hotel in Sylt – Exterior We strive to design and build vernacular architecture that is deeply rooted in the local tradition and constructed by skilled local craftsmen. In our Sylt project, we aim to merge traditional elements of the region’s architecture with a contemporary approach. To do this, we plan to incorporate two distinctive features of the Sylt…

Modern Surf Hotel in Sylt - General
Commercial | 20/11/2022
Modern Surf Hotel in Sylt – General

Modern Surf Hotel in Sylt As the world becomes increasingly digital, more and more people are opting to work remotely and live a nomadic lifestyle. While this offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, it can also be isolating and challenging to find a sense of community and connection. That’s where our idea comes in. Our goal was to…