Paczkomat Poznan - 27 Grudnia

Parcel Locker Poznan

At Dominowa studio, we firmly believe that design can be a powerful tool for positive change and we believe that every space, whether public or private, can be transformed into something beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

That's why when we learned about the new Guidelines for Vending Machines Storing Shipments on Urban Grounds [read more] that were implemented in Poznan in December 2022, we immediately started to work on a conceptual solution.

We feel compelled to contribute to the betterment of the environment for those who live, work, and visit Poznan.

One of our core values at Dominowa is that we will always be committed to collaborating with local communities and institutions to create spaces that truly enhance the environment.

We selected the Pazckomat as a highly functional and valuable urban object because it's also helping with reducing the CO2 emissions since deliveries can be done with 100% success rate.
Our proposed solution ensures that Pazckomat can seamlessly integrate into any part of the city, without the need to withdraw from its current location, while maintaining its function and dimensions. We could consider that even extends the functionalities.
Also it was very important that the object itself doesn't suffer any modification and it's just an addition over/around the object itself so it doesn't require internal modifications to the object.

We had a clear set of principles in mind for the Parcel Locker project. We aimed to create a design that would blend seamlessly into the urban landscape and be environmentally sustainable.

In addition our core requirements were:

  • Ever green
  • Capture CO2
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Foster Wildlife

We pursued a design that maintains a green appearance throughout the year, that helps one of the main objectives of Parcel Locker, reducing CO2 emissions, and more importantly it promotes growth of wildlife.


Just as a chef begins with the main ingredient, we start with the Parcel Locker as the central object.

Paczkomat - Original

This is how it looks an standard Parcel Locker from InPost, this is one of the more than 2500 you can find in Poland.

Block 1

Our first step was to enhance the object's utility in an urban setting, we brainstormed several ideas such as converting it into a swing, a bench, a book-sharing shelf, or a bicycle stand - essentially anything that could benefit local residents.

Paczkomat - Draft 2
Block 2

In our endeavor to minimize the object's carbon footprint, we took the second step towards reducing its CO2 emissions. While we recognize that certain placement, as well as external factors such as weather conditions, pose significant challenges to achieving complete carbon neutrality, we aimed to incorporate photovoltaic cells to offset at least 10% of its current electricity consumption.

Our efforts may not entirely eliminate the CO2 emissions, but it is a vital step towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly urban environment.

Paczkomat - Draft 3
Block 3

One crucial aspect of our design was to provide a habitat for wildlife growth. After our research, we prepared a design to install several bird and squirrel nesting spots to promote their flourishing.

For instance, the sparrow population in cities has considerably decreased over the years, mainly due to the loss of their habitats such as trees, bushes, and green spaces, which makes it challenging for them to find food and nesting sites amid the urbanization and development of cities.

Paczkomat - Draft 4
Block 4

In our design process, we were determined to create an additional green space that would be advantageous for both the inhabitants and the wildlife.

Our primary idea was to introduce specific vegetation on the walls and roofs that have the capability to absorb pollutants, resulting in cleaner air for everyone. We believe that our efforts in this direction could lead to an additional 20-30% reduction in carbon emissions.

In addition to reducing emissions, the incorporation of greenery also adds an evergreen hue that brings positivity and vibrancy throughout the year.

Paczkomat - Draft 5

We believe that every small step we take towards sustainability can make a significant impact on the Planet. As such, we carefully researched and selected environmentally friendly materials for all this project.

From the very beginning of our design process, we researched materials that not only meet our quality standards but also meet our commitment to sustainability.


We have chosen cross-laminated timber made of recycled demolition wood.

This option has a lot of unique features. Use of recycled post-consumer wood with a moisture content of approx. 20%. instead of fresh, wet wood with a moisture content of approx. 80%. is associated with 4 times less energy consumption and correspondingly reduced emissions of gases into the atmosphere.

They also have a low carbon footprint in the development cycle, and it stores CO2. It is a renewable resource, making it a great environmentally friendly option for this project.


As part of our design process, incorporating vegetation on the walls and roofs was crucial for both CO2 offsetting and enhancing the aesthetics of the Parcel Locker.

However, we encountered a few challenges. Our first priority was to select evergreen plant species that were non-toxic to both humans and animals, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, and required minimal watering (i.e., rainwater) while still adding a splash of color and vibrancy.

After some research those were the plants we chosen:

  • Euonymus fortunei
  • Geranium
  • Sedum
  • Heuchera sp.
  • Salvia spp.
  • Lavandula spp.
In conclusion, our design for enhancing the urban landscape demonstrate that sustainability and aesthetics can go hand in hand.
By reducing CO2 emissions and supporting wildlife, we can create a more harmonious and beautiful city for everyone.
We believe that our approach can be applied for companies like InPost, Allegro and Alibaba, among others, that are committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future.
Our hope is that through the implementation of these initiatives, we can create a healthier and more vibrant urban environment that benefits both people and the natural world.
We encourage all those who are interested in improving the urban landscape to explore the possibilities of eco-friendly design and to work towards creating a more sustainable and beautiful world for all.